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Deciphering Westerly & Smith
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Deciphering Westerly & Smith

Hank Johnson, Senior VP and heir apparent to the CEO position, calls Bob Anderson (Competitive Intelligence consultant) with a dilemma. The Westerly & Smith Corporation has traditionally posted double digit revenue growth each year for the past twenty years. Stockholders have been richly rewarded for this stellar performance and expectations have been set high to continue delivering such results. What Hank knows is that the string is about to be broken. Sales and profit growth are likely to be in the low single digits for the current year. And there are indications that more serious troubles lie ahead for W&S. Understanding the causes and determining solutions soon are critical to Hank's promotion prospects. What is it about the company, the competitive environment and the current strategies that need to be changed? Bob is to be the fresh set of eyes to help Hank know what to do.

  • The Call For Help
  • Interview With Marketing
  • Interview With Competitive Intelligence
  • Interview With CEO
  • Deciphering The Situation

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