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Case Study Guidelines
Commentator Guidelines
Commentator Guidelines

Corporate practitioners, academics and consultants contribute to the study and practice of competitive intelligence. A goal of Competitive Intelligence Case Studies is to gather a variety of inputs that illustrate multiple problem solving approaches.

Though commentators may volunteer or be invited to participate, the following guidelines apply for all.

  • There are one to three invited commentators per case study.

  • A case study author may identify commentators to invite. However, we reserve the right to approve all commentators.

  • In general, a commentator will receive a case study for comment before it is posted to this site. The invited commentators' responses are included when the case is posted.

  • In no circumstances should the commentator reveal proprietary or confidential information in their commentary.

  • Commentary should focus on the facts or implications of the case study. Comments about the overall process should be sent separately to me.

  • The case study author may suggest and solicit guest commentators for their case study. However, I reserve the right to approve all material posted on the site.

  • In general, the case study will be provided to commentators allowing them between 2-4 weeks to respond.

  • After the case study and invited commentaries are posted, comments from other readers may be received through the Competitive Intelligence Case Study blog.

  • A PDF file will be created for the case study author and commentators containing the study, invited commentaries and selected other comments. This PDF can be used for marketing and publicity.

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