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August Jackson is a competitive intelligence and strategy professional, technology pundit and social software evangelist currently working for Verizon. Mr. Jackson regularly speaks and writes about strategic analysis, competitive intelligence and how organizations can leverage Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for competitive advantage and growth. August is the program chair for the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals 2010 Conference.  He produces the Competitive Intelligence Podcast that is interviews with well-known thought leaders in competitive intelligence. His blog discusses competitive intelligence, the technology industry and new business models and scenarios faced by modern business. August can be contacted on Twitter (8of12) or though his website at http://augustjackson.net/.

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August Jackson
Ellen Naylor is the founder of The Business Intelligence Source (TBIS), a marketing company known for the marketing/sales aspects of opportunity analysis, including competitive intelligence. TBIS’s sweet spot is integrating intelligence gathered from sales, marketing, product development, customers, and the competition; and teaching clients “HOW” to collect and organize intelligence, most notably through elicitation and good communication skills. Ms. Naylor is a 20 year veteran at Society of Competitive Information Professionals, a sought after global speaker (workshops) and writer (Competitive Intelligence Magazine articles, Cooperative Intelligence blog and Naylor’s Mailer newsletter). Ellen can be contacted on Twitter (EllenNaylor) and through her TBIS website. 

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Ellen Naylor 

Avner Barnea is a former senior member of the Israeli Intelligence Community holds a MA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and graduated from the Top Executive Program in Marketing Management from the Tel Aviv University Graduate School of Business Administration. He is a strategic consultant in the field of competitive intelligence and business strategy in Israel and abroad. He is lecturer on competitive intelligence in the MBA program of the Ono Academic College and a guest lecturer on competitive intelligence at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Business School, and in various business executives training programs. Avner has an intensive experience in the integration of competitive intelligence systems into Israeli corporations. Avner can be reached at: avnerpro@netvision.net.il.

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  Avner Barnea 

Babette Bensoussan is Managing Director of The MindShifts Group, a company specialising in competitive intelligence, strategic planning and strategic marketing projects in the Australasia region. Babette is widely recognised and sought after for her international expertise in competitive analysis, and has provided mentoring and training to executives and organizations to assist with the delivery and process of competitive decision risk management.

Babette has undertaken over 300 projects and consulted to a wide range of industries and markets including aerospace, information technology/computers, transport, financial services, waste services, pharmaceuticals, utilities, mining and manufacturing operations - to name just a few.

She is a recipient of the
prestigious SCIP Meritorious Award and has taught Competitive Intelligence at both the Sydney Graduate School of Management, University of Western Sydney and at Bond University in the undergraduate business and MBA programs. Babette has co-authored four leading books on business analysis; "Strategic and Competitive Analysis", "Business and Competitive Analysis", "Analysis without Paralysis" and "The Financial Times Guide to Analysis for Managers".

Babette can be contacted through
The MindShifts Group website, by email at hello@mindshifts.com.au and on Twitter (@BabetteBen).

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  Babette Benoussan
Douglas Bernhardt lectures in the subject of Competitive Intelligence as part of the MBA programs at Wits Business School and the University of Stellenbosch Business School in South Africa. He is developing an online course on Competitive Intelligence for the Department of Intelligence Studies at Mercyhurst College, Erie, Pennsylvania, which he will begin to teach in late 2010.

Previously, Douglas served as an adjunct professor of Business Intelligence & Corporate Security at the European campus of the Thunderbird School of Global Management. He has also taught at IMD, Lausanne and at the DCDM Business School, Mauritius.

He is the author of three books, including Competitive Intelligence: Acquiring and using corporate intelligence and counterintelligence, published in 2003 by Financial Times Prentice-Hall. He has written numerous articles for journals such as ‘Competitive Intelligence Review’, ‘Competitive Intelligence Magazine’, ‘Long Range Planning’, and The Strategist, and ‘Wits Business School Journal’.

From 1993-2001, Douglas served as Managing Director for one of Europe’s leading competitive intelligence consultancies, Business Research Group SA, Geneva, where he worked closely with major firms in industries such as pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and FMCGs. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the
Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) from 1996-1999.

Douglas can be contacted at douglas.bernhardt@gmail.com

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  Douglas Bernhardt

Valerie Shuman is the Principal at SCG, LLC, a consultancy which specializes in translating market-level vision into effective initiatives. SCG’s services include Strategy and Business Planning, Market Intelligence, Industry Relations, and Product/Service Management.  Over the last two decades, she has partnered with global leaders to deliver ground-breaking new products and ventures in the automotive, call center, telecommunications, quick service restaurant, IT professional services, location-based services, telematics, and online content and services arenas.  Her prior roles include leadership positions at SEI, NAVTEQ, Verety, and Ygomi LLC. 

Ms. Shuman has broad experience in working with evolving industries, and has successfully led many domestic and international standards activities for organizations such as ISO, ITU, GSC, IEEE, ANSI, ITSA, TRB, and SAE.  She is currently working with the Intelligence Collaborative, an umbrella organization for cooperative initiatives in the Competitive Intelligence community.  Ms. Shuman is a published author, patented inventor and dynamic public speaker. 

Valerie can be reached at vs@shumangroupllc.com.

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  Valerie Shuman
Arthur Weiss iis the managing partner of AWARE, specialising in competitive & marketing intelligence research and training in the UK. Arthur has undertaken numerous research projects for companies including FTSE and Fortune 500 companies as well as many smaller quoted and unquoted businesses throughout the world. In addition he regularly leads courses, workshops and seminars on CI in the UK, US, Europe, China and the Middle East. Arthur’s specific CI interests are obtaining competitive intelligence using secondary information sources and he has led a number of master classes and workshops at the annual International Online conference and exhibition held annually in London.

He also has an interest in ethics and published items include a chapter in SCIP’s Navigating the Gray Zone book on CI ethics as well as many other articles for a wide range of publications on both CI and marketing related topics.

Arthur is an MBA and Chartered Marketer with the UK’s Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), and is the lecturer for the CIM’s Marketing Information & Research course module at Thames Valley University. He can be contacted via AWARE’s web-site.
  Arthur Weiss 
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