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Case Study Guidelines
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Case Study Guidelines

The range of activities in competitive intelligence is broad. Therefore, there are many styles of competitive intelligence case studies. Some will focus on people. Others will focus on dissecting one or more companies. It is also possible to deal with trends and other environmental factors.

No matter the case study style, here are guidelines that we follow.

  • Each case study should be approximately 2000 words.

  • All case studies should be written in English.

  • The case study author will be credited in the case study and on the Competitive Intelligence Case Studies website.

  • In no circumstances should the case study contain proprietary or confidential information from a real company.

  • A case study is subject to editing before it is posted and/or sent to commentators.

  • The case study author may suggest and solicit guest commentators for their case study. However, I reserve the right to approve all material posted on the site.

  • In general, the case study should be provided to commentators allowing them between 2-4 weeks to respond.

  • After the case study and invited commentaries are posted, comments from other readers may be received through the Competitive Intelligence Case Study blog.

  • A PDF file will be created for the case study author and commentators containing the study, invited commentaries and selected other comments. This PDF can be used for marketing and publicity.

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