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Published complete "Six Days to Delivery" case with entire set of August Jackson commentary in single download. read more
Two interviews with August Jackson discussing Days 5 and 6 of the "Six Days to Delivery" case have been posted. read more
Two interviews with August Jackson discussing Days 3 and 4 of the "Six Days to Delivery" case have been posted. read more
Realistic stories, expert analysis and useful solutions
Helping Each Other Succeed
Competitive Intelligence Case Studies
Real life is complex. The issues are intertwined. Useful answers are valuable. Competitive intelligence situations that you recognize and can discuss are our focus. Rich depictions of common challenges.

People are at the core of each case study. They argue, debate, doubt and resolve issues. Along the way, they employ tools and analytical techniques to make sense of the challenges in the story.

The competitive intelligence community has many experts. Invited commentators study each case and contribute thoughtful commentary. Then, others can reflect on those comments and add their own perspectives.

Problem Solving
The heart of case studies is solving problems in ways that are useful or educational to others. Each case study features real life solutions that are tested against years of practical experience. And everything is free to you.
You Can Be Involved
Contribute Cases
Let me know what problems you would like expert help to solve. Submit a case study.

Give Advice
Read the cases and share your wisdom for what the characters should think and do.

Volunteer to Commentate
Every case study has a small number of invited commentators. You could be one.

Send me an email for more information.
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